Our arrangement exists of four one-story buildings and the studios are distributed to ground floor and upper floor.
In the central building are the front desk (24 hours open) and the day room. Here you find informations about the area, a computer which you can use after arrangement, a piano and a bookshelf with books in different languages.
In the centre of the arrangement there is a big lawn.
It is equipped with sunloungers, sunshades and a small swing for children, it is suited for the ball game, stroll and take a break from everyday.
At the adjoining bar the breakfast buffet is served, if requested you receive during the day small snacks and drinks and in the evenings the specialities of the house.
Until into the night you can enjoy with Greek music and red wine the pleasing warm evenings and the clear star sky.

Heleni Hotel, A. Epidavros 21059, Peloponnese GR, Tel: +30-27530-41864   Fax: +30-27530-41364, e-mail: